me o’clock

1. I never thought I’d say this, but I haven’t done much of anything on the internet for the last year. I still post from time to time, but I haven’t written anything of substance (here) in ages, and lately I go weeks without even checking my email. This time last year I was posting [...]

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Make an entrance. Use your words. Take that trip. Forget fear. Love hard. Swim with dolphins. Hold your own hand. Hold on. Let go. Slide.

no, YOU’RE bored

santa hat and t-rex

My primary contribution to Thanksgiving dinner was a huge amount of incredibly rich cheesecake. Unfortunately I did not manage to take any photos of the cheesecakes before my family devoured them. I did, however, manage to take some extremely gratuitous photos of myself in the bathroom mirror while the cheesecakes were in the oven.

insomnia (to squeak! perchance to scream.)

I want eurotrash.

Not like gold-tipped black clove cigarettes. Like thick, lush paper that comes in so-called non-standard sizes and has little boxes instead of lines. Asymmetrical shoes. 74 varieties of yogurt. Open air markets that reek of drying anchovies. Mayonnaise on my motherfucking french fries. Deodorant that smells like kiwis. Télécartes. French people who [...]

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